Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Change is in the air

Where has my little baby gone; has anyone seen him? He was a cute little peanut who liked to snuggle and made cute little cooing noises...I don't know where he went, because the little man I have here now eats like a horse, makes all kinds of disgusting noises and never wants to snuggle with his mum. Oh and did I mention how he's just about to start crawling too...he can't possibly be the same baby!

Hudson has started eating finger foods - and lots of it! It's so cute to see him feeding himself and exploring all the different foods we give him, but it does make my heart break a little bit every time I step back and realize my little peanut is gone and he's been replaced by a little man who has a personality, and an opinion, and a sense of humor. I guess that's what everyone means when they say to savor every moment because it all goes by so fast.

With that I leave you with three beautiful Christmassy things:

♥ the expression on his face when I turn on the tree lights

♥ the joy he gets from crinkling the paper on the presents he's not supposed to touch

♥ the feeling in my heart as I think about all the Christmas's I'll get to treasure with my beautiful baby boy

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tis the Season

I am so excited for Christmas this year; and as everyone points out I am aware that Hudson has no idea it's Christmas but one day he will and we will have created wonderful family traditions and memories for him to cherish. Many a Christmas has gone by in the past 5 years where I wondered if we would ever have a baby to share the holidays with, to create memories for, to love forever more; that is after all what Christmas is all about isn't it? Spending time with the ones we love, counting our many blessings?