Friday, April 23, 2010

One Year Ago

One year ago today I was at work and got a phone call from my husband asking if I was ready to have a baby. I rushed around trying to gather my things, not at all prepared for a baby to arrive, after all he was coming over 3 weeks early. I called my husband back because it seemed surreal...he must be kidding right?

One year ago today we rushed to the Royal Alex to meet Stacy, and I had tears rolling down my cheeks because I was so worried Stacy was going to be alone going through an emergency c-section.

One year ago today we suited up to go sit beside Stacy and hold her hand while they rushed to get our baby boy out of her belly.

One year ago today we heard our baby cry for the first time.

One year ago today we were given the most amazing, beautiful, selfless gift in the world.

One year ago today we held my beautiful baby boy in my arms and knew what irrevocable true love was.

Happy Birthday Hudson, my beautiful son.

Thank you Mat and Stacy for giving us the world there are not enough words to express our gratitude.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Perfect Morning

I sit here on the couch drinking my coffee with the warm sun creeping through my window, watching Hudson play with his train. A warm breeze slides through the window and envelopes me and I think to myself could my life get much better than this. ♥

Friday, April 16, 2010

He says Mama ♥

I came up the stairs for breakfast the other day and Hudson saw me and held out his arms and said Mama ♥.

Hudson + Grandpa = ♥

Daddy & Hudson B♥ng♥ Fun.

I ♥ Hot Dogs & Ravioli

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where has the time gone.

Gosh, I'm a bad mum! I haven't updated my blog because I'm too busy playing with my crazy new boss Hudson, who demands all my attention, eats me out of house and home, & keeps me in stitches at all times.

He went from no teeth to 7 of them in under two months, he's figured out how to climb up on the couch, open cupboards & unroll toilet paper rolls in the last little while and loves to sing & dance....oh and flippies, I can't forget flippies; he loves loves loves when we flip him over and let him do a somersault.

I don't have time to tell you the rest because he's trying to help me type, turn off the computer & spill my water as I write this.

I will leave you with Three beautiful things:

♥ family raspberry blowing contests at the breakfast table
♥ peak - a - boo
♥ that moment in the evening when he's just tired enough to let you have a snuggle before bed