Monday, February 16, 2009

Week 28 Update

Interesting Facts:
Your unborn baby's survival rate outside the womb increases as each week passes. If he didn't open his eyes last week, chances are he'll take his first peek this week. Your baby-to-be's skeleton and muscles are maturing quickly. This week he can turn his head from side to side. Most of the lanugo has disappeared at this point and your baby may have a full head of hair by now.

How Big Is Baby?
Your Baby weighs in at around two pounds, seven ounces and stretches to 10 inches (crown to rump).

How We Feel:
This week Stacy has an obstetrician appointment (she's now going every two weeks) and tomorrow we have another ultrasound to look forward too. I can't believe we are in the final trimester; Stacy and I were talking this weekend about how long it took for her to get to the 12 week mark and now she only has 12 weeks left.

Stacy will be moving out soon and we'll be sad to see her go, I've really enjoyed being such a huge part of the entire pregnancy and for that I'm grateful, I don't think many other adoptive mum's get such a hands on experience with their babies pregnancy. On the other hand, she's moving out just in time for the nursery furniture to arrive and it will be really nice to be able to move all of the baby stuff we've been collecting out of our kitchen and in to the baby's room where it belongs.

Lately I've been finding myself more and more preoccupied with thoughts of the little guy. I went to a baby shower last week and got to hold a friends little sweet pea for ages, it really made me yearn for this baby to hurry up and arrive so we can all meet him. Everyone has been giving me advice and talking about the adoption more now, I think as it gets closer and closer more and more people are realizing that it's real and truly happening.

I'm starting to build a relationship with Stacy's Mum which is great because she is one of the babies grandma's and I want her, and all of Stacy's family, to be as much of a part of the baby's life as they would like to be. I know they've had a very hard time with the decision Stacy has made, understandably so, and I'm hoping they trust that Dustin and I want this baby to be loved by everyone who wants to love him and that Stacy's family is as important to us in this journey as our families are.

I think that's it for this week, I'll be posting ultrasound photos tomorrow.

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