Tuesday, April 14, 2009

36 Week Update

Interesting Facts!
Your once wiggly baby now favors certain body positions. Typically, your baby will enjoy resting with his head down and his rump toward your ribs—the ideal placement for delivery. Your baby's movements will become less frequent as he has less wiggle room. From now Baby's growth will be slow and steady as he continues to put on weight and fill out.

How Big Is Baby?

Your little one weighs in at six pounds this week and his length hovers around 13.2 inches (crown to rump).

How We Feel:

Another two weeks have gone by, another two weeks closer to meeting our little peanut. If the next couple of weeks go by as fast as the last few, he'll be here in no time! I'm really happy that as of next Sunday we'll have made it to 37 weeks. Stacy has been talking for ages about inducing labour, she has all kinds of crazy ideas and wives tales she'd like to try; I made her promise to wait until 37 weeks before she starts trying though - one more week Stacy, one more week.

Stacy's mum is coming in from Newfoundland on the 28th of April. I am looking forward to meeting her and hopefully spending some time with her before baby arrives. I'd really like for her to know that we would like her to be as big a part in baby's life as she wants to be and that we welcome Stacy's family to love baby just as they would have if Stacy hadn't made the choice of adoption; I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want three families to love their child instead of two.

Being the big dork that I am, I'm as physically prepared as I can be for baby to arrive. I have washed and put away all his clothes and bedding, and I've even packed his little bag for the hospital. I have the cameras ready by the door, along with snacks, magazines and a crib board for the hospital stay. Last night I even made Dustin help me assemble the playyard for upstairs, just to be sure all the pieces were there; they of course were, I'm just crazy.

As a side note: Why do cats think everything we bring in to the house for the baby is actually for them?

And so we wait some more.

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IRIS FLOWER-aka Denise said...

lol about the cats. Medallion was horrible for sleeping in Evan's car seat, stroller and even the exco saucer! Silly cat!

Well I'm glade everything is going good. I still want to come over and see the nursery and have a visit. I miss you!