Saturday, January 23, 2010

9 Month Update

I know I keep saying this but 9 months? Where has the time gone?

Things that are new with Hudson:

♥He's is crawling like crazy, and pulling up on everything. He's trying to figure out how to get around faster so he's always trying to stand up mid-crawl.

♥He's been making new noises, ba ba ba is his favorite, but ma ma ma and ga ga ga appear every now and again.

♥He doesn't want us to feed him anything (unless it's a bottle) he'd much prefer to feed himself. Right now some of his favorite foods are baked beans, sweet potatoes peas, cheese and ham...oh and he loves yogurt for a snack

♥He drinks out of a sippy cup some times but seems to prefer a cup over a sippy cup which makes for lots of mess

♥He still has no teeth but I can see the outline of them, so I know they are on their way

♥His hair is finally getting thicker and it's coming in very blonde

♥He prefers the dog's toys to his own, but I suppose his favorite would be his train

♥He is going to bed a little bit earlier (6:30pm) and usually sleeps until 7am, but his naps are getting a bit shorter

♥He's becoming stubborn & wants things his way, he doesn't like when we take things away from him

♥He's testing how well his cry works, but I'm learning which ones are serious and which ones aren't

♥He loves the camera, he's such a ham, smiling whenever it comes out.

♥I have to take him to the health center to have him weighed and measured on Monday, I'll update everyone on those stats when they come in, but in the meantime I'll leave you with a few pictures!


E. Williamson said...

How fun! I just stumbled onto your blog after checking out a new follower of mine. :) I LOVE the story of how Hudson came to be. That's AMAZING! He's a doll!!!

You are also quite good with the camera! Love the pics!

Sandi said...

9mths already!??
He sounds like a lot of fun :)
Love the pictures- hope to meet him when we visit in July!