Monday, December 1, 2008

Week 17 Update!

Interesting Facts!

Around this time your baby's ears pop from her head and Baby-to-be can now sense sounds. After all, she has plenty to listen to in utero! She's accustomed to the strong beating of your heart, blood rushing through your veins, and your stomach grumbling. She can also discern sounds outside the uterus, like voices and music.

How Big Is Baby?

This week your little one weighs in at around five ounces and stretches to just over five inches (crown to rump).

How we feel:

Oh my goodness, we're almost half way there; and the next ultrasound is only 3 weeks away today! I can't wait to see sweat pea again, and hear her heartbeat. I really hope Dustin will be home for this one because I think he will be amazed by the whole thing. It's one thing to see her on paper it's entirely another to see her flipping around in Stacy's tummy.

I'm such a dorky mum-to-be. We aren't even half way through the pregnancy and I've already built a small library for the baby; I can't help myself, I just can't wait to tell the baby a million stories and hopefully share our love of reading and learning with her.

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