Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week 30 Update

Interesting Facts!

Your baby's face looks much like it will when he's born. He still needs to fill out more to get the characteristic chubby infant cheeks, but he's on his way. He can move his head, open his eyes, and make breathing movements through his open nostrils (although no air comes in).

How Big Is Baby?

If your little one were born today, he'd have a good chance for survival at about three pounds and nearly 11 inches long (crown to rump).

How We Feel:

This week has been a bit bitter sweet for us; Stacy has moved out of our house. On the one hand I'm so excited to have the bedroom back, as it will be the baby's nursery and we can finally get started on it; on the other hand Stacy won't be here, cutting off my intimate ties to the pregnancy that I've enjoyed for the past four months. I am going to miss our weekly updates when we take a few moments to read what's going on in her What to Expect When You're Expecting book, her ever expanding belly, and even her pregnancy complaints and cravings. I am sure she won't miss me nagging her to eat more vegetables or to point her butt in the other direction.

We have our birthing class this Saturday so that should be interesting and informative for us both, though we might get some looks as our circumstance is a bit unusual.

Dustin has been gone for ages (five weeks), and I think he will be surprised to see how big Stacy has gotten since he left, and that we'll only have 8 and a half weeks left before the little man enters the world. I don't think it's hit him yet just how quickly we're about to become parents.

Change is in the air.


IRIS FLOWER-aka Denise said...

i think ppl wount think anything of it at the class. There was a lot of girl and girl couples there. Mom's and daughters, sisters and friends who where going to be coaches. I wouldn't worry about it even coming up and if it does I'm sure they'll think it's as great as I do.

Wow! 8 more weeks! Man time flys!

Shelia said...

I came across your blog from Kristen's link. My family has been touched by both sides of adoption... I have a sister who gave her newborn daughter up in college and a sister (+ other relatives) who have all adopted babies. I also have a friend and sister who will both be adopting in the next 2-3 months. CONGRATS to you! I'm sure the excitement is overwhelming as the birthdate closes in. Enjoy your last few weeks of peace & quiet! From what I've read... I think you'll make great parents!