Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week 32 Update

Interesting Facts:

Your unborn baby will establish a daily routine. You'll notice at times your baby is active and wiggly, while at other times you can't feel his movements. Once your baby's born, he'll most likely continue with his in-utero pattern. Along with a routine, your baby has favorite positions too. A favorite of many unborn babies is to have their heads down, rumps up towards the ribs (conveniently, the perfect position for labor).

How Big Is Baby?

Baby weighs around four pounds and stretches to over 11 and one-half inches in length (crown to rump).

How We Feel:

Stacy was in the hospital again, this time for just under a week; she had another kidney infection - being diabetic and pregnant, her poor kidneys must be working so hard. Luckily she's out of the hospital now but we did have to re-schedule her next ultrasound for March 31st. She had one done in the hospital though, and the baby has turned and is head down like he should be. Stacy said he looks just like Mat and he's still a nice healthy weight.

We are painting the nursery tomorrow - pear green is the colour we've chosen, it's bright and fresh and closely matches the green in baby's bedding. I'm so excited to get it all done. We also picked up the furniture and crib, the only thing that hasn't come in yet is the hutch and that's due to arrive next week. I also picked up some really cute wall decals of kids and jungle animals that I think will match our theme and add some fun to the walls.

Other than that, we're ready....only 8 weeks to go!!

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IRIS FLOWER-aka Denise said...

AHHHHH that sounds sooo cute. I'll have to find the time to come for a visit. I could us the brack and I felt I haven't see you in forever. I feel so out of the loop. lol.

We're putting the hard wood floor upstairs on Mon but Earl is off that whole week so I should be able to get away on Thurs? Is that good for you?