Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Operation "Get Prepared" Commencing

The list of things we need to get prepared for Sweet Pea grows every time I begin to think of anything baby related. We of course have picked out the crib set, and I believe we're going to order it sometime in the new year, giving us plenty of time for delivery and set up.

I've started purchasing baby bottles. I've decided to go with Avent bottles because they are BPA free and apparently prevent colic; a few of my friends have recommended them so they must be alright. I'm going to get 4 in each size, a bottle heater (to avoid microwave use) and a bottle sterilizer for convenience.

I think I've decided on a diaper bag, from Ju Ju Be and though it's slightly pricey it looks durable and even slightly fashionable. I also took Dustin into consideration when deciding which one to go with, and I'm pretty sure he won't be embarrassed to walk around with this bag. At least it's not pink and flowery Daddy!

Today I finally decided on and purchased a wrap for carrying sweet pea around in. Funnily enough it's actually National Babywearing Week and I finally found a wrap I like from Sleepy Wrap. It's like the baby wearing planets were aligned just for me. A few of my friends have wraps and they love the freedom they give you, not to mention the benefits to baby.

I'm sure the list will go on and on as we get closer to babies due date. I'll keep you all posted on some of my fun finds!

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You deserve this...