Monday, November 3, 2008

Week 13 Update

Interesting Facts!
Week 13 marks a milestone for your baby-to-be. Developmentally speaking she's no longer an embryo, but a fetus. She's looking—and acting—more and more like a baby every day. She appears to be resting because her eyelids have formed and are fused together, but her arms and legs move and twitch (although you probably can't feel it … yet). She can suck her thumb, too.

How Big Is Baby?
Your baby is about the size of a lime! She's growing heavier at around .5 to .7 ounces and is getting longer at about three inches long (crown to rump).

How We Feel:
We're officially in to the second trimester - I'm amazed at how fast time is going by. My food bill is going to go up because Stacy is going to start feeling hungry all the time, but I don't mind one fact I was bugging her yesterday because I opened the fridge and was shocked to see we were almost out of milk, even though I had just bought 4 L a couple of days ago.

The other day Stacy was all excited and said "oh ya feel this" and so I did, and sure enough she's starting to get a little hard bump where the baby is growing. It was really amazing. I'm thinking sooner than later, we're going to have to get to a maternity store to stock up on some clothes that are more comfortable for her during the remainder of the pregnancy.

We have our first appointment with the obstetrician this week so that's kind of exciting, hopefully at that point we'll get the paperwork to book the 18 week ultrasound which will be coming up in the second week of December. It's so amazing that Stacy has invited me along to be part of the pregnancy from the very beginning; It's definitely a gift to get to experience everything from the start and not miss out on all the wonderful milestones along the way. For that I am truly grateful.

Oh and I think I've found the perfect crib set, I'm just waiting for Dustin to come home to make sure he likes it to and then I'm going to go ahead and get it. I think it's nice and neutral, it will go with any theme we pick for the nursery and the crib even turns in to a head and foot board for a double bed once we don't need a crib anymore.


IRIS FLOWER-aka Denise said...

that looks almost the same as leannes set, but her's is a darker wood. It looks really nice if it is the same set.

luv ya!

~ Nikisha said...

Since i havent said this yet...and just noticed this blog a week ago

CONGRATS!!! you must be so excited!!!