Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 15 Update

Interesting Fact!

At week 15, your baby-to-be stretches her limbs and bends at her elbows. She's getting big enough that you can feel many of these movements. Her bones are continuing to grow and lengthen. While she looks more like a baby, her skin is still thin and translucent with her veins visible. Your baby is also beginning to grow lanugo, a very fine hair. It will keep growing until around the 26th gestational week of pregnancy (that's week 28 of the pregnancy).

How Big Is Baby?

This week baby is roughly the size of a naval orange.

How We Feel:

I can't believe how fast time is going by, it seems like I post a weekly update and before I know it, it's time for another one. As we've started telling more people about the adoption I find there are people who are genuinely happy for us, people who are worried, and people who don't like the idea at all.

Most people are a combination of very happy but also quite nervous about how everything will turn out. It is a difficult situation, Stacy could change her mind at any time, and believe me, we are aware of that. Dustin and I have come to the conclusion that we will regret it if we don't jump in feet first and enjoy the whole process. Sure, we could be reserved, stand-offish, not hope and dream for the baby; but if we're the ones holding sweet pea in our arms after she is born we will have missed out on all of this amazing pregnancy time, all the time you spend looking into the future and imagining all the possibilities for your baby. We know it will hurt more in the end if Stacy keeps the baby, but sometimes those are the life risks we all need to take.

As Christmas approaches, I'm finding myself getting nostalgic for my childhood Christmas memories steeped in family tradition. Out shopping last weekend I picked up this beautiful plate and mug set for putting cookies and milk out for Santa, and standing in the store I was holding back the tears as I imagined telling sweet pea all about Santa, and getting out the plate and mug to start our own family traditions. (getting a little teary eyed again just writing it down). These are the moments worth living for, being a Mum is all I've ever wanted, and even though I'm not pregnant, I am expecting a child, and I am not going to deny myself these moments of joy even though it might make it harder in the end.

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