Friday, October 10, 2008

Some things I'm Grateful For

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and it's gotten me to thinking about how grateful I am about so many things.

I am grateful for Mat and Stacy, of course for their decision to have us adopt their baby but I'm grateful to them for so many other reasons.

To Stacy I'm grateful to you

♥ for being so brave
♥ for being with Mat
♥ for letting me feel so comfortable around you
♥ for loving the little sweet pea enough to be healthy while you're pregnant
♥ for being excited about being a tummy mummy
♥ for being so selfless

To Mat I'm grateful to you

♥ for being so brave
♥ for maturing
♥ for your honesty
♥ for putting up with Stacy while she grows little sweet pea
♥ for being so selfless

To my wonderful husband I'm grateful to you

♥ for staying up late and listening to my fears
♥ for staying up even later and listening to me ramble about the nursery or baby names or whatever is on my mind in the moment
♥ for being my best friend
♥ for being in this adventure beside me
♥ for just being you

And to you all, I'm grateful for us all going on this amazing journey together. Sweet Pea will have much love in her life, and really in the immortal words of the Beatles...all we need is love...

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Annieann77 said...

It's nice to know you have lots of love. I saw the US pic it looks super cute!! Are you going to find out what the sex is?