Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Beginning

For as long as we have been together we've wanted a baby. After 3 years of trying we gave up. We've spent the last year convincing ourselves that we're fine, we're happy to be yuppies, we don't need a baby, but the minute we found out they were giving us their baby, all of our convictions about being fine were washed away with my tears of happiness.

Perhaps I should go back a bit. I'm Jordanna & I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world - Dustin. We've been together since 2002 and we couldn't be happier together, except for wanting to complete our family by having a baby. For three years we tried, and tried, and took fertility drugs and tried some more and after peeing on 100's of magic wands, not once did we see the positive sign....not once were we blessed with a baby.

We had looked in to adoption and decided that it is something we would definitely like to pursue, but unfortunately don't have $8 - 10,000 laying around to start the process. I guess babies are on the back burner for us for at least a couple more years. We're only 30, we still have time....right?

Yesterday our entire lives changed, our world was flipped upside down and the yuppie lifestyle we had become accustomed to flew out the window. My brother Mathew told me that his fiancee is pregnant and they were wondering if we would like to adopt the baby! After wondering if I had fallen asleep at work again and realizing I was in fact wide awake, I pulled myself together, burst in to tears and said of course.

Now, Stacy is only a few weeks along, and we have Type 1 Diabetes to be concerned about but she is definitely pregnant and they definitely want us to adopt their baby. We're keeping everything on the down low for now, at least until the end of her first trimester. I feel like I have a balloon inside me that is filling up with excitement and I know it's going to pop soon so hopefully I can hold my excitement inside until the time is right to tell friends and family.

And so begins our journey to parenthood.

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