Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Week 7 Update

Interesting Facts:

Your baby-to-be has been busy this week. His brain is continuing to develop. The circulatory system becomes more complex as lungs begin to form. His face is taking shape with his eyes showing some pigmentation, visible ear holes, minuscule nostrils, and an indentation where his mouth will appear. His digestive system and stomach are starting to form. His arms and legs are growing, but his fingers and toes have not yet developed.

How Big Is Baby?

This week, Baby is about the size of a pencil eraser!

How We Feel:

It's been a tough few days. I realize that at any time M and S could decide to keep the baby, it's their right as biological parents and I'm sure it's a near impossible decision to make. I know that if they decide to keep the baby I will be heart broken and devastated because as the baby grows so do my hopes and dreams for our future together. Having them ask us if we'd like to adopt the baby felt the same to me as if I had seen two pink lines on a stick myself. I am overjoyed, nervous, excited, and planning for the future just as I would if I were pregnant myself. (Luckily though it's Stacy that gets to deal with the hormones, morning sickness, and cravings....thanks Stacy!).

There are still 5 weeks to go before we can announce our news to the world. It's near impossible to keep it a secret. I'm so excited I want to tell every random stranger I encounter never mind the people that are dearest to me. I'm hoping the next few weeks go by quickly and smoothly and we can get in to the second trimester and really start to move forward with the nursery and all the preparation it takes to get ready for baby.

We've been doing some planning and we've decided to save all my pay cheques, because once the baby comes I won't have an income and we'll have to get used to living off of D's. I've been making a budget and looking around at the costs of everything. A stroller with an infant car seat attached is close to $400 and a crib set with a change table and dresser is going to be about $1500. That's before we even feed the baby or send her to college! I read somewhere that by the time a child is ready for college they will have already cost about $500,000 to raise....D, I think you need a raise!

Anyway that's it from us. 7 Weeks and counting....

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