Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 6 Update

Interesting Fact:
This week your baby-to-be's brain begins to take shape. Her head becomes more distinct with tiny spots appearing that mark the places where her eyes will form. Spots for her ears also become visible. Buds that will later become arms and legs begin. And for the first time your baby's heart beats. Within her growing midsection, what will become her lungs, liver, and other organs are forming.

How Big Is Baby?
Your growing baby this week is now the size of a pea.

How We Feel:

Wow, where to even begin. We are so excited - elated even. I can't believe we still have 6 weeks to go before we can start telling the world our exciting news. We have started talking names and we really like the idea of honouring M and S in the babies name somehow. We're thinking of using Mattea as the babies middle name for a girl, and Stacy if it's a boy. We also like the idea of combining their names and using Macy as a first name if the baby is a girl - which the Chinese astrology charts predict it is.

S and I went to her doctors appointment and they have referred us to the Diabetes clinic at the Royal Alex. Hopefully the doctor there will refer us to an obstetrician and do the pre-natal blood work I was expecting her family doctor to do. No word yet on when she'll have the appointment.

I think I'm going to ask S and M to email me a little weekly update (if they're interested) on how they're feeling and I can include that in my weekly updates as well.

And that's it for this week in baby news.
Oh and I've posted a link of some of the baby names we like on the right hand side of the blog. Go vote for your favorites....but don't be sad if we don't like your answers and do what we want anyway! We will update it here and there as we find names we agree upon.

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