Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Update

After some discussion we decided that it would be best to tell my dad - rather than spring it on him in a card. My mum told him a couple of nights ago - we volunteered her to do the dirty work. I spoke to him on the phone yesterday and he's excited about it but has his concerns, as all parents inevitably do. Now, our parents all know and I've told one close friend - so that I have someone to talk to about all of's just to exciting to hold inside.

Unfortunately S's mum is not happy about the choice they've made and it makes me sad for S because I think this is a huge decision to make and having her mum's support would be so great for her. Thankfully her dad is on board and hopefully she knows that we are all here for her if she needs to talk or even just a hug!

D and I have been busy little bees this weekend. We, being the total yuppies that we are, each had our own spare room in the house. D's was a video game/computer room and mine was a craft room. We had been talking for some time about combining the two rooms into one, and creating a guest room - or my idea, a giant closet....but a nursery sounds like the perfect way to use that room! We spent the entire weekend clearing out the room that will become the nursery, downsizing our stuff and combining our two "hobby" rooms in to one.

We went out and purchased What to Expect When You're Expecting for S because I'm hoping she'll find it informative - it's a big book so I'm pretty sure it has the answers to many of the questions she might have. I am also giving her my copy of The Girlfriends Guide To Pregnancy which is a very funny and insightful book about being pregnant. I know I laughed out loud on a few occassions reading that one. For ourselves D and I got the What to Expect in the First Year book which scarily enough is even bigger, but has a section on adoption and everything! I'd better start reading it now, with 800 pages to memorize and 8 months to go - I'm gonna need to average 100 pages of pure information download a month!

That's it from here - it's time to hurry up and wait :)

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