Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's my dad's 60th birthday this weekend and we haven't told him about the baby yet. He's been busy working and no one has really seen him much since we've all made our life changing plan. My mum thinks it would be a great idea to surprise him on his birthday with the news about the baby. Dustin and I have some reservations because I think it will be an awfully big surprise to say "M and S are pregnant - but we're going to adopt the baby - Happy Birthday!"

He's turning 60...isn't that a heart attack waiting to happen?

I tried to write him a poem to write inside a birthday card, though I'm still not quite convinced it's the best way to tell the old guy the crazy news?

Here's the poem:

Happy Birthday Grandpa,
We saved the best for last.
And Although I'm not quite here yet,
The time will go by fast.

But Grandpa that's not all,
There's something you should know.
I'm going to live with one mum,
But in another one I'll grow.

You see grandpa it's kinda tricky,
Stacy's growing me in her tummy.
But they've asked Jordanna and Dusty,
To be my daddy and mummy.

So Happy Birthday Grandpa,
Enjoy your special day.
Sorry I couldn't be there,
But I have to stay here till May.

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Anonymous said...

Love the poem.