Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 8 Update

Interesting Facts!

Your baby is no longer a mass of cells, but he's looking more and more like a miniature baby-to-be. Your baby's face is becoming more defined: eyelids have formed, his nose is beginning to protrude, and his upper lip is taking shape. Where there once were only stubs, fingers and toes are starting to develop from his arms and legs. His heart is beating quickly and strong inside his tiny body.

How Big Is Baby?

Your baby-to-be is now just over one half of an inch long. He's a little bigger than a dime.

How We Feel

Wow, 8 weeks already - time is already flying by. We're really starting to get used to the idea of becoming parents and as we get closer to the end of the first trimester we are getting excited about sharing our news with the world.

S has been feeling very tired with lots of nausea which is a good sign of a healthy pregnancy. She is heading to the medicentre today to get referred to an obstetrician. I am so appreciative of her for everything she is going through, I can only imagine what it must feel like to have something the size of a dime take over your whole body and control your life. The good news is that there are only 4 weeks left before things settle down for her.

For us on the other hand things will start getting crazier in a month. Once we hit the end of the first trimester we have a nursery to paint and furnish, a million baby accoutrement to buy, names to pick....not to mention finding a lawyer to help with all the paperwork and adoption counselling to arrange.

8 weeks and counting!

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